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? ? ? Hangzhou Zhonghao Electronic Co., Ltd. was established in Sep 2003, a foreign-funded enterprise specialized in mold design, manufacturing and injection molding under Zhejiang Zhongmao group.

???? The manufacturer’s capacity of mold design and fabrication is 260-400 sets/year, with a development cycle of 2-6 weeks. The core equipment used is imported ?numerical control machinery, such as Makino and Sodick.?The injection molding technique scope of the company is within 3200g (800T), and the company’s inventory of injection molding machine is 96 units.?The company? is fully equipped with testers such as CMM, OGP, projector, moisture meter, melt index tester, durometer, and spectrum analyzer.?The company has been certified by ISO 9001, ISO14001, IATF16949 and ISO13485 successively.??The products processing services provided by the company cover automobile industry, medical profession, home appliance industry, IT communication industry, stamping industry, etc.


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